Rolls Royce’s Vision for the Future: The 103EX

The future is now, or at least that seems to be the mantra of top auto brands this month. After seeing what Mini has to offer with the Vision 100, the newest breakthrough is from the giants of the automotive industry, Roll Royce.

It’s obvious that Rolls Royce has big plans for the future, and its latest concept creation, 103EX is creating waves– this one’s a driver-less model.

According to Rolls Royce, the entire roof canopy of the EX103 opens up to give you an experience like no other. The company promises chauffeur-like treatment, provided by the built-in voice control automatics in this car.

The future is luxury. (Photo Courtesy: Rolls Royce)

The Rolls Royce EX103. (Photo: YouTube/Rolls Royce)

A futuristic design. (Photo: YouTube/Rolls Royce)

Re-imagining aesthetics (Photo: YouTube/Rolls Royce)

Rolls Royce’s Vision Next 100 concept car. (Photo Courtesy: Rolls Royce)