Apple WWDC 2016: Mac OS 10 Is Called Sierra, Siri Comes to MacBook

The new Mac OS X version will be called as Sierra, however, what’s more interesting to note here is that Siri also comes to MacBook now. The version will be available to developers from today onwards, while the Public beta will open in July, with the final release slated for later this fall.

So, what’s new about the Mac OS X Sierra? For starters, Apple has integrated slew of its features onto the Mac, that helps you to seamless work between the Mac and the iPhone.

You can also unlock the MacBook from your Apple Watch. Make payments from your iPhone using Touch ID to buy tickets or even book a cab.

Work on MacBook in tandem with the Apple Watch. (Photo: Apple)

Apple Pay now works from iPhone to MacBook to buy stuff. (Photo: Apple)

In addition to all this, Sierra gets host of features like Memories. You can now also Copy content from one device and Paste to another. All your content on either MacBook, iPhone or iPad can be accessed from any of these devices.

And if that isn’t enough, then with Sierra you can also ensure that the MacBook never runs out of storage. With built-in capability to smartly shift your less used content to the cloud, you always have space to add more.