Now Google is Teaming Up with Levis to make a Smart Jacket

Everything around us is getting “smart” and smart clothing is the next logical step.

  • Google and denim jeans company Levi’s have developed a new jacket that lets users
    interact with their smartphones by swiping at the garment in various ways.
  • The garment is powered by Google’s Project Jacquard technology, developed by the internet
    giant’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group.
  • Called the ‘Commuter Trucker Jacket’, the garment is aimed at cyclists who may be too
    busy riding and concentrating on their surroundings to reach into their pockets and
    fiddle with their phones.
  • The jacket is apparently waterproof – except for a detachable electronic smart tag that
    activates a wireless connection between the clothing and a mobile device.
  • The company has confirmed that the jacket can be washed inside a washing machine.