The new VR sensation – Oculus Rift is all set to hit the market in early 2016

Tablets and smartphones are getting extremely boring and the excitement revolving around fitness watches and smartwatches was also short-lived. Now there’s Virtual Reality. Something that previously seemed to be a science fiction dream has become the next possible groundbreaking technology that is all set to hit the industry in 2016. If you say that Oculus Rift has a lot to prove, that would rather be an understatement. In case the Rift fails to prove itself, it would destroy the virtual reality market at a very nascent stage.

The Oculus Rift might seem to be a relatively simple device but in reality it is an amazing and interesting piece of object which packs cutting-edge technology. The VR handset consists of a bunch of amazing hardware which was designed to create a three-dimensional world into which you would love to surrender. When you gradually start realising what’s in the Oculus Rift, you would know why it took Mark so long to come up with this virtual reality sensation. Nevertheless, there is still enough space for improvement.

The 3D games of Oculus Rift

Creating environments for 3D gaming is rather an intimidating task; even they’re just about to be shown on a 2D monitor. You just have to add a stereoscopic 3D and soon it will become a nightmare made of vomit and formulae. Well, there’s so single thumb-rule for creating 3D for Oculus Rift but the basics include spitting out 2 square video feeds and then think that you’re playing on a screen which is vertically split, a 2-player game. The clever part of the game is that the feed comes from different angles so much so that the mind of the player gets confused about whether it is 2D images or one 3D!

The cable of Oculus Rift

Videos are sent to the Oculus Rift through HDMI with a DVI adapter for laptops and brand new graphic cards. It also has an USB which carries power and data to the device and allows your PC to know about this strange object. The cable is 10-foot long, which is just about the right size and is reasonably light. Hence, you won’t ever feel like you’re wearing a dog chain. Through the USB port, you could connect a controller or other headphones. However, this increases the consumption of power by the Rift.

The headset of the Oculus Rift

Such feeds are pushed within the headset and it connects through the vertical and horizontal straps among which the topmost strap includes the USB and HDMI cable. Two pairs of lenses add improved personalization which magnifies the screen and allows you to fill the field in order to avoid causing any blurring of images or motion sickness. Experts say that it will feel like you have put on a pair of glasses. The final version for the consumers can accommodate as many types and frames as possible and hence you don’t require switching to contacts in order to experience virtual reality.

The screen of Oculus Rift

In Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, the screen was typically an entire Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet with the bits of smartphone removed. However, the logo and touchscreen were kept intact. The resolution is 1920*1080 HD and it has the capacity to deliver a 960*1080 display to each eye and the 100-degree viewing field meant that there wasn’t enough black space through the display edge. The Rift’s consumer version has the refresh and resolution rate higher and it has been reported that there are 2 displays which runs a resolution of total 2160*1200.

Whenever you switch on the new VR headset, you will see a new interface which is called Oculus Home. Through this you can view content and other available games; you can check which friends are online and also control the settings of your device. The developers say that they’ve built the Home to allow you to do everything by the same interface. Before investing, check into the tech reviews of the Rift and make a measured and informed decision.