Get Ready to Watch the First-Ever Surgery in Virtual Reality  

Not all of us are doctors, nor do we have the stomach to see blood and body tissues lying in front of us. Which is why you might want to know that there’s a live stream of cancer surgery open for public viewing happening later today.

Not sure how the guy on the operating table feels about all this, but it’s good to know that he’s on anaesthesia during the procedure.

The cancer operation will be spearheaded by Shafi Ahmed, a surgeon based out of London. This special initiative is part of a program that has been put into place so that medical students can get a close-to-reality experience and lessons in surgical training.

The procedure will be covered using multiple cameras that will give the desired virtual reality factor.

So how can you watch this extraordinary event in virtual reality? All you need is a VR-enabled headset like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or even the Google Cardboard to get close up with this evening’s surgical operation.

You can also download the Medical Realities app or visit their site to get the real VR experience, right into your living room by scrolling around 360-degree get to see the operation in realtime.

Apparently, this isn’t Ahmed’s first instance of global fanfare. Back in 2014, Ahmed did a similar operation, live streaming it to the public but using Google Glass instead. Here’s a teaser into what the virtual reality viewing has to offer later today.