All You Need to Know About Vivaldi, the Google Chrome Rival 

Not so long ago, Google’s Chrome replaced Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become everyone’s go-to internet hub. You got extensions, apps, and features that were never seen as an integral part of a web browser.

The likes of Mozilla Firefox have made attempts to reinvent themselves on Chrome’s model but still Google has had the last laugh with its web browser. Now there’s another browser – called Vivaldi – looking to put forward itself in the crowded space, which has been created by Jon Von Tetzchner, a co-founder of Opera.

Jon Von Tetzchner, Creator of Vivaldi

Vivaldi will be liked by power-users who use web browsers to its optimum level.

Vivaldi web browser. (Photo: Screen grab)

How is Vivaldi different from Google Chrome?

This new web browser has been built over the Chromium engine, which is also the basis on which Google Chrome runs. However, as Jon points out, Vivaldi is much more than just a web browser. He claims that Vivaldi intends to make users internet browsing experience with features that are hard to find with others in the market.

Jon Von Tetzchner, Creator of Vivaldi Vivaldi has a wealth of features out of the box that no other browser has. It also has more options than any other browser, giving you much greater control over your browsing experience.

You get the option to use multiple web pages on the browser. (Photo: Vivaldi screengrab)

Many times, users have faced the nightmare of browser crashing on them, Jon claims that will never be the case with Vivaldi. Power users at the end of the day will always prefer to use a reliable browser, and this could work in Vivaldi’s favor.

What More Do I Get?

Vivaldi Quick Commands

  • It has tab stacks which let you have a lot of tabs open at the same
  • There is tab tiling which lets you view multiple pages at the same time.
  • Users can place tabs at the top, left, right, bottom or not have them
    visible Undelete closed tabs
  • Speed dial to the required web page
  • Make notes on the browser itself
  • Turn off images on slow network

All the big names, including Opera, have tried to push Chrome from the browser throne; time will show how successful Vivaldi can be but Chrome does the best job of integrating your Google features like Gmail & co, and that will be hard to beat.