Backup Software – Review with Giveaway Campaign

EaseUS Todo Backup is an easy to use, well-featured backup software that can be a lifesaver after a system crash, massive virus attack or irreparable physical damage to your hard disk.


The installation is straightforward and doesn’t take very long. After installing the software you get directed to a landing page with a short introduction to the program.

The interface

The UI is definitely a plus point. The program has a minimalistic, clean and easy to understand Interface. All functions and modes are easy to access with no confusing menus and submenus, the structure is straightforward and intuitive.

Getting started

With one click you can start backing up files, folders, disk partitions or the whole system. In the File Backup you have the choice between backing up a file or folder, the procedure is the same.  

When choosing the destination, you can easily choose a cloud service like Dropbox, Googledrive or OneDrive, you just have to authorize your account and it shows up as an active folder.

The Backup options are straightforward and easy to use. You can set compression rate, decide how to split the backup files, assign a password or use an FTP server for the backup files (Offsite Copy).

Under performance you can limit network speed or system resources.

By entering your SMTP settings, you can send a notification to multiple email accounts, notifying about the backup, its success or failure.

There is also an option to exclude files, folders or specific file extensions from the back up.

There is a scheduling option for files or folders that have to be backed up regularly or at a specific time. There is also the possibility to schedule a backup after system startup/shutdown, logon/logoff or when a specific USB device is plugged in.

A useful option to save storage and stay organized, is the Image reserve strategy. When you have scheduled, recurring backups, you can decide how many backups you want to keep and/or  for how long you want to keep them. A useful option if you do not need to archive changes.

After setting all the necessary options and initiating the backup process, you get a notice that the backup was successful. You can manage your images, change options or manually delete the image using the “Advanced” button on the right.

In addition to the above mentioned options there a few extra tools, for example to initiate iSCSI for external storage, enable PreOS or create an emergency disk for Windows and /or Linux computers.


EaseUS is an easy to use backup software with an array of useful options for amateurs and professionals alike.

Looking round the net (Cnet, PCWorld) it had good reviews and has been tested to be malware free.  

Considering the available options the price is reasonable.

The free version is much slower than the paid version and reminds you more than once to upgrade.

For those who want to clone disks or partitions, they have a separate solution here.

If other people need access to your backups, you should consider that EaseUS uses its own format and file extensions, which are not compatible with other programs. This could cause problems if you are working with people outside your company.

In addition to the free version of EaseUS Todo Backup the company offers a free trial period for its paid versions. You can get the free version using the link below or participate in their giveaway campaign to get a free code, be aware the giveaway is without technical support.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Giveaway campaign

Mar. 9th, 2016 – EaseUS Partition Master Pro

Mar. 10th, 2016 – EaseUS Todo Backup Home

Mar. 11th, 2016 – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

If you miss the free keys , you can still get the software for 0.99 USD

EaseUS  Giveaway Campaign.