The new Pebble is round

Pebble has joined the club of round screened smartwatches, following the likes of Samsung, LG, Moto and most recently Huawei. Apple is the only big name resisting the trend, either persisting on being unique in design or they haven’t found a suitable technical solution.

The Pebble Time Round, comes in black, silver and rose gold (another trend). Customers have the choice between 14mm or 20mm leather or stainless steel bands. The Time Round is not as bulky as other smartwatches, 7.5mm and 28 grams to be exact, which makes it lighter on the wrist and less obtrusive but sacrifices battery life. The company has announced that a full charge will hold two days, whereas previous models can go up to 10 days without recharging. To compensate for the low battery life, Pebble has added quick-charging, which can keep the watch going another 24 hours after only 15 minutes charging.

The new Pebble smartwatch is stylish, looking more like a watch than a gadget. Like previous models, it will work with Android and iOS. The large bezel is not the best solution, limiting the interface and design options.

The $249 watch can be preordered from Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Pebble’s website, and will be generally available starting 8th November (this year).