Candy for Star Trek fans

Jason, a 3D artist and Star Trek fan, has set his mind to creating a 3D model of Captain Picard’s USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Using the Unreal Game Engine, he has the ambitious goal, of  recreating an explorable model of  the Starfleet flagship.

The project is huge, especially for one person. Jason is using material from the HD series, set blueprints, official blueprints and anything he can find on the internet. He hopes to bring the Enterprise to life, with citizens and crew living on the ship, different planetary systems and external exploration. If all goes well, he wants to expand to Starfleet Headquarters and Deep Space Nine, adding online gameplay.

I am generally a science fiction fan and find this project very impressing. I hope for him and fans that CBS attorneys don’t come knocking on his door, trying to kill the project.

In the video below you can see a sample of his work.