4chan has been sold to the previous owner of 2chan, who has nothing to do with 6chan

The founder of 4chan, Christopher Poole, has sold his anonymous-messaging-board site to Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder (but not anymore owner) of 2chan, the  japanese analogue of 4chan, that inspired Poole to start 4chan in the first place.

Poole, single handedly, expanded 4chan to over 20 million monthly visitors, without full-time employees or venture capital. The site is like the dark side of Reddit, anything goes, be it offensive or trivial, no registration is needed and posts are deleted after a few days or maybe just hours. Despite the high number of users , marketers are cautious about running ads on the site, you never know what kind of content will be shown next to your ad. That is one of the reasons Poole decided to sell, he believes professionals could find a way to turn his hobby into a business.

It is not clear what the terms of the contract were but Mr. Nishimura stated that he is proud of taking Mr. Pooles place and is looking forward to developing the site and supporting the community.

And for those who are wondering, 6chan is the Chilean version of 4chan.