A home appliance that can count calories for you

Anybody who keeps  count of calories can tell you it is a tiresome and time consuming task. Matt Webster, a Cell Biologist at General Electrics (GE), realized this when he wanted to buy his wife an activity monitor, her first question was

“Does it automatically track the calories I eat?”

This gave birth to the idea of using advanced sensor technology to “estimate” the dietary calories in food. The company has found a method of using low energy microwaves (that won’t alter your food) and sensor technology to determine the calories in a meal. There are still a few issues, like making a practicable device that could be placed over a plate or getting more reliable measurements. The title picture is a concept of how they imagine the device could look like.

If developed, the device will be make life easier for those who want to, or have to, count their daily calorie intake.  

You can learn more in the video below