You can now get more insights about your website visitors with the new LinkedIn Website Demographics.

LinkedIn, to some, is a shy but impactful social media platform. It’s not noisy, it’s not known for releasing new features or copying other social media platform features like Facebook would do. So When LinkedIn releases an information, we rush because it is not every day that it happens.

The professional social media platform is coming your way with the LinkedIn Website Demographics. A new feature that will help you learn more about the connections and profiles that visit your website. Instead of playing a guessing game and producing content that ends up with the wrong audience, LinkedIn says the guessing game is over. You will now have a system that would tell you exactly the demographics of the professionals who come to your site, giving you a better insight into what kind of content to produce, where to focus your online advertisements, and how to drive more leads.

Concretely, this feature will allow you to see and analyze which types of professionals who visit your website through eight well-known professional features including the following:

  • Title of Job
  • The Industry of the visitor
  • Status or Seniority (senior manager, Manager, young graduate …),
  • The Job Function of the visitor,
  • The specific company,
  • The number of employees
  • The city/region
  • The country in question.

The source of this analytics would come from the over 500 million users on LinkedIn. The professional social media giant is, however, aware of the problems that might crop up because of users’ data and has therefore provided assurance of data protection, where the user’s privacy would be strictly respected.

So how do you access this feature?

Go to the LinkedIn’s “Campaign Manager” page and navigate your way to this new feature. Apart from the 8 listed demographics, the new LinkedIn feature also allows you to analyze data on the basis of date so that you will be able to determine which dates or time your campaign received the most likes or sales.

This kind of functionality is similar to the Facebook Business Analytics feature tab that helps you to analyze data across Facebook and that of your site. For now, the LinkedIn Website Demographics feature is free and you can use it all you want.

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