Why is Digital Marketing the Next Big Career Opportunity?

Digital Marketing has become the next big thing, thanks to the fact that almost every product or service is taking the digital route to advertise their product. This industry is reaching new heights every day, and the need for countless creative and intelligent minds is only increasing.

Digital marketing skills are in serious demand. Moreover, the digital skills gap is set to widen while the job market thrives. Brands are paying more attention to digital marketing than ever before. Extensive budgets, increased pay and great career options are just few of the benefits digital marketing offers to enhance career growth.

Digital Marketing is growing due to the following reasons:

  • Growth in internet usage
  • Capability to target large number of audiences
  • Very affordable
  • Customised targeting
  • Can target audience with specific features
  • High engagement rate for ads
  • Accurate measurement of results

If you think you have the makings of a good digital marketer, here are five reasons why you must establish your role in Digital Marketing.

1. In Demand Professional

It is anticipated that there would be around 150,000 digital marketing jobs at the end of 2020 and not enough professionals to fulfill them. According to Mondo, there will be a rise in demand for digital marketing professionals by about 38% this year.

2. You Can KickStart Your Own Career

In more traditional professions such as advertising, you’d have to wait for a graduate placement or coveted internship in order to gain experience and create your own portfolio. However, the digital marketing world offers huge opportunities to stimulate your own career.
All you need to do is just build a strong social media presence, create your own blog, grow your own Twitter followers and contribute to online conversations relevantly.

Enhance your CV and highlight your knowledge by partaking in various online courses and exams, such as a certificate course in digital marketing from Market Motive or the Hubspot’s Inbound Certification and the Google Analytics exam.

There have been many examples of people who have been recruited after showcasing their skill and abilities via social media. For example, Holly Shortall,a dublin based fashion illustrator got noticed after tweeting her illustrations to celebrities online. A large number of top fashion brands and magazines then approached her and commissioned her work.

3. Organic Value Creator

All of us rely heavily on Google or other search engines to find virtually every piece of information we seek. The search results you get are the efforts of professionals who are known as organic value creators. The role of a SEO specialist is to make certain that his or her customer’s business pops up as the first result or atleast in the early pages of a search engine. Although, paid campaigns or paid promotions may give you swift results, the most effective digital marketing technique for your client’s business is organic value creation.

4. Dynamic in Nature

Digital marketing industry is dynamic as it combines the creative as well as technical aspects of marketing. Rapid changes in mobile and web technologies are also making it highly dynamic.

You need to gain and implement the current trends in digital marketing to outsmart competitors.

5. A Place for Everyone

A digital marketing organization consists of people that include content writers, business development executives and graphic designers.

If you are passionate about writing or are a social media addict with a lot of creativity, then this is the best suited workplace for you. Digital marketing is a versatile industry that needs a mixture of skill sets. This makes Digital Marketing an industry that is really comprehensive of a varied range of talent and specialties.