Your ultimate guide to a winning SEO Strategy

To a lot of the SEO professionals out there, Search Engine Optimization is dead. But to search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google, these professionals are wrong. A good SEO strategy would still get your site or blog to the first page of these search engines.

Just do a search on Google for the keywords ‘SEO professionals’ and you will be greeted by a bunch of results. But not all search engine optimization professionals are the same.

So the question is, what makes up a good SEO strategy? What strategy would get you to the first page of popular search engines? Before you even start thinking about drawing up a strategy, you need to know the preliminaries of the game.

Let’s dive into the important things to consider before coming up with an SEO strategy.

An SEO strategy should be a long-term investment

Your search engine optimization strategy should be a long-term strategy – one that should be incorporated into the entire business plan. You should also have a budget for your SEO strategy to ensure that it runs smoothly over time.

If you want to develop consistent growth and expansion for your online business, you need to have a consistent SEO strategy. It shouldn’t be a strategy where you can just buy so-called SEO links that run your site into problems within a short time.

Aim for the first page of search engines

People who search on Google and Bing, for instance, trust these search engines so much so that they don’t bother going to the second page. These online searchers trust that whatever is found on the first page of these search engines is the best.

To be seen by your customers, your SEO strategy needs to make sure that everything (On-page and Off-Page SEO) is in place to put you on the first page of Google or Bing.

If you don’t want to be non-existent on search engines, you need to be on the first page and to do that, you need a good SEO strategy. Remember the popular saying, ‘the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google – no one will find it’.

Being on the first page of popular search engines doesn’t amount to increased sales or leads

You might hire an SEO professional to put your site on the first page of popular search engines. But that doesn’t guarantee that you will get more leads or sales. So what will get you more leads or sales? It’s proper marketing.

The fact that you are number one doesn’t mean visitors would click on your links. If your marketing techniques are not enticing enough, your SEO strategy would be a waste of resources. So the solution is to inculcate your SEO strategy into your entire marketing strategy.

A good SEO strategy will give you more leads and sales if it’s done in the long term, it ranks your site on the first page of popular search engines and it’s inculcated into your overall marketing plan.