Xoom sales are low…perhaps frighteningly low

It’s possible that only 25,000 Xoom units have been sold to date.

The Motorola peeps haven’t issued any sort of official sales data, and we don’t blame them one bit if the estimates from Global Equities are accurate. The financial group believes Motorola has sold as few as 25,000 Xooms.

That number would mean the company is a huge shot away from ever even hoping to break even on the device. Global Equities puts its high-end estimate at around 120,000 units, which would still be a gravely slim amount.

The Xoom was a huge risk for Motorola, especially given its huge price tag and the confusing labeling as being 4G-capable but not actually connecting to 4G (yet).

It’s also the first device to run on Android 3.0, “Honeycomb,” Google’s tablet-optimized software. As such, it has seen its fair share of bugs, and there are scant few apps that take advantage of Honeycomb’s enhanced operating system.

Other Honeycomb devices are starting to emerge, and over time it will hopefully be a formidable tablet OS, but by then the Xoom will probably seem woefully outdated.

It’s very difficult for a device that opens to a sluggish response to ever gain momentum, and given that there isn’t really any more of a reason to buy a Xoom today than there was yesterday, it certainly doesn’t look good for the Motorola gadget.