SyFy brings Masi Oka on board to write and star in new series

The popular Heroes star is currently writing the pilot for The Correctors, and will likely take a lead role in the series.

The new SyFy series centers around two agents of a secretive organization called the Exceptions Bureau. The agents are sent into an alternate dimension to make changes to the timeline. The plot and style has been compared to the film Inception.

Oka is developing the story alongside Alex Sabeti, known for his work on The Art of Cool. Sabeti will take primary writing credit, while Oka will Executive Produce.

No word yet how the series itself will be formatted. We’re probably looking at a monster-of-the-week sort-of deal, but it could also be set-up as a persistent storyline.

Will these agents be returning home each week at the end of the episode, or do they get stuck in the bodies of their alternate selves on the other side, and have to stay there from week to week. learning to live in their own shoes, as it were?

Either way, I’m a big fan of Oka from his Heroes days, and I’ll be glad to see him in a decent Sci-fi plot again – Hawaii Five-Oh doesn’t really suit him. Although, I probably think that because I don’t really like Hawaii Five-Oh.

The series is, ofcourse part of a larger trend for SyFy, as they move into place as major players in the scripted television series arena.

They already have Eureka, Being Human, and Warehouse 13, a few of the most watched sci-fi series on television, and this season, they will be kicking off Alphas, a new take on the superhero genre.