AMD courts ARM at Fusion dev summit

AMD has announced the initial lineup for its (first) June 2011 Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Washington.

An AMD spokesperson told TG Daily that the event will bring together industry and academic experts to discuss unlocking “previously unimaginable” scenarios via heterogeneous computing.

“Perhaps the most interesting item on the agenda, however, is a keynote by ARM’s VP of technology, Jem Davies, who will be presenting on the future of heterogeneous computing and ARM’s support for standards such as OpenCL,” the spokesperson explained.

“From our perspective, the emergence of OpenCL threatens to give a competitive advantage to those chip providers with excellence in CPUs and GPUs – something that would obviously leave Intel at a disadvantage.”

The dev summit is expected to cover a broad array of subjects related to heterogeneous computing, with nearly 100 sessions on a variety of topics, including 3D gesture recognition for video game control, improving performance by using “Zero Copy” techniques in APIs such as OpenGL/OpenCL and real-time video processing for broadcast use.

In addition, Redmond exec Herb Sutter will deliver a keynote presentation entitled “Heterogeneous Parallelism at Microsoft.”

“The development experts we’ve chosen to share their work are at the forefront of next-gen programming, and are working to harness the full processing power of heterogeneous computing technologies,” explained AMD exec Manju Hegde. 

“The AMD Fusion Developer Summit is the best place for developers, academics and innovators to collaborate around parallel programming and industry standards, helping the developer community to realize the promise of the latest computing methodologies, today and into the future.”

Note: AMD’s courting of ARM and its push towards heterogeneous computing are certainly strategic moves worthy of additional analysis. TG Daily is scheduled to speak with AMD exec John Taylor and will bring you additional details as soon as possible.