Why SMBs Should Invest in Apps

There are different ways SMBs can “invest in” apps. It could be through the use of apps (third party app) for certain purposes. It could be through the development of an app to help in promoting the company (an in-house app created to supplement marketing efforts). It could also be through the exploitation of opportunities that apps create. Whichever way a company “invests” in apps, it’s important to acknowledge there are many good reasons for doing so.

1. Apps can bring efficiency and improve the ways things are done.

To clarify, the word “apps” here is not limited to mobile apps. It refers to applications in general, from the ones used in mobile devices to the ones intended for desktop and laptop computers. Hence, the use of apps also means the use of applications like accounting, customer relationships management, and project management software. There are also apps intended for specific trades. You can find app for plumbers, for example, which can significantly improve the operations of a plumbing or HVAC service business. These apps are designed to make it easier to manage jobs and handle essential functions such as billing and time tracking. They indubitably help enable efficiency in a company.

Moreover, apps likely improve the many usual functions or processes in a business. This is particularly true in areas like collaboration, conferencing, technical support, presentations, digital marketing, accounting, as well as project management.

2. Apps are useful in creating additional value.

You can have an app that is centered on the products and services your company offers. This app can then be used to let your customers get updated with the latest promos you are offering or the latest products you are about to launch. This app may also be packed with other functions such as a digital personal organizer, calendar, notes organizer, or even games. Also, this app can serve as a channel through which customers can conveniently send honest comments on your products or services.

3. Apps can establish a direct marketing line with potential customers and propagate brand recognition.

Apps are excellent marketing tools. If they successfully find their way to the devices of your target customers, you are most likely going to establish a good marketing channel with your prospective customers. You just need to make sure that your app provides real value and is not purely about advertising your products and services. A well-designed game app or a productivity app, for example, can be used by customers without realizing that they are already becoming familiar with your brand and will likely think of your business when they think of buying something.

4. Apps can improve customer engagement and cultivate customer loyalty.

Need more reasons to consider investing in mobile apps? How about the highly viable idea that apps improve customer engagement and helps nurture customer loyalty? Releasing a free app for customers to use is a good way to keep them engaged. Just make sure that the app you are offering is useful and interesting enough. Also, be sure to subtly add your company’s name or brand name on the app. The app should serve as a constant reminder for customers to think about your business whenever they use the app.

5. Apps help a company stand out.

With the kind of competition companies face nowadays, it is important to have something distinguishing. Not many are exploiting the advantages brought about by the use of apps in the right ways. If your company can harness the benefits that come with the use of apps, you are likely going to attract more potential customers. Well, some may say that many companies nowadays already use apps for their businesses, like diners or restaurants that have apps customers can use to locate branches and check availability. This way of using apps, however, is bordering on “lazy.” It does not engage and is far from interesting and creative. This is not the point of the use of apps to help make SMBs stand out. A better way of doing it would be to offer game or productivity apps that carry the company’s brand name or identity.

6. Apps can help build a strong brand.

The apps used within a company can be customized to carry the company logo, name, and identity in general. On the other hand, the apps that are being given out to potential customers to facilitate or enhance marketing efforts can be designed to help promote a company’s identity. In all of these, there’s the opportunity to push business branding that every SMB should take advantage of.

That small and medium-sized businesses should consider the use of apps is a no-brainer. Apps nowadays are used in a wide range of things. As such, they should be included when crafting a business strategy. SMBs should be taking advantage of the efficiency, marketing, and excitement apps can bring to a business. Apps are a great way to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace as well as to enhance marketing campaigns and customer engagement.