How to Use Badger Garbage Disposal Properly?

The Badger series of garbage disposal units by InSinkErator is second to none as a disposal unit series to date. This is factual information unanimously agreed upon by all the best badger garbage disposal reviews sites. The cutting edge technology, combined with the aesthetic appearance complimenting the house and a brilliant warranty system for consumer satisfaction makes the units of this series the most successful garbage disposals ever. The great results it bears, however, are dependent on how properly they are used. Some points to ponder while utilizing a Badger garbage disposal are listed below.

The Size

The size and horsepower of the disposing grinder hold the most significance in determining how powerful the unit is. However, regardless of how powerful the unit is it is of no use to the utilizing individual(s) if it cannot fit under the sink in your kitchen or any of its other designated areas. To use the Badger series properly, it is recommended to be assisted by a professional who can accurately determine the dimensions of the area and recommend a suitable disposer for it. Note that this can impact the power output and processing ability of the garbage disposal, but mostly for homes all units work well enough as long as they are used in a sustainable manner.

The Limitations

It can be tempting how easy it is to dispose of waste using these handy machines. However, their handiness will not withstand to the torture of cutting hard substances like big bones and any waste that is not categorized under food such as a broken ceramic plate, so it should be kept exclusive for the purposes it is intended for. In addition, try to keep liquids such as washing water away from the unit because, again, no unit works perfectly if the user misuses it.

The Horsepower

The general rule followed by InSinkErator that can be used to identify the power of a unit is to look at the horsepower: the greater the horsepower the more food that can be processed. This is important to avoid the user from overloading the unit with waste that needs to be disposed that can make the rotor of the unit overheat and cause damage to the internal circuitry. Instead of dumping the waste all together, the user should attempt to feed the unit little by little to maximize its effectiveness with respect to its maximum power. It is also smart to not always operate the unit beyond optimum specifications and try to run it at a power lesser than maximum to keep the machinery relaxed.

The Mounting

The badger series has its own specified mounting system which is offered with the assistance of a company professional if it is purchased. The system is unique so the ones already installed for other series/brands will not be fit substitutes and the initial installation procedure will involve starting all over, so be sure to mount it on the platform designed for containing a badger series unit.