Why Big Scary Robots Won’t Steal Your Jobs

Everyone is convinced they’ll be unemployed in less than a decade. Robots are going to come and take all the jobs away. Artificial intelligence is going to replace some humans, but you’re wrong if you think we’ll be living in a sci-fi world.

It’s easy to see why if you think carefully about it. Don’t listen to everyone getting their kicks trying to scare you. Do you want to look at a few reasons why your nightmare won’t come true? Here are some of the biggest talking points.

1. Humans Enjoy Interacting with Humans

The agricultural industry is one of the oldest in the world, so introducing robots makes sense. But, you still have to deal with humans when working for a company. We all enjoy interacting with each other.

There is no way this will change until we’re half cyborg, so don’t worry if you’re enrolled in agriculture courses. If a company does replace too many people with AI they’ll start to lose business.

2. They Will Allow People to Flourish

Ask your grandmother and she will tell you what life was like as a child. Women were supposed to stay at home washing dishes and cleaning clothes. Suddenly, washing machines and dishwashers took those jobs away from them.

The invention of these machines didn’t mean they sat around doing nothing. Instead, they claimed their rightful place in society among men. Robots are great at menial tasks, so the same thing will happen to humans.

3. Zero Technology Will Be Involved

Forget about all the jobs that don’t use any technology at the moment. Geniuses will develop AI that can crack any government or company computer, which means they could steal very sensitive information.

We’re not silly enough to give robots full control over us, so there will be jobs sprouting up that don’t require any technology. It’s a fancy way of saying we’ll keep things offline, but humans will need to do the work.

4. Customer Service isn’t Good Enough

Humans are irrational creatures, but robots operate on logic. The two don’t go very well together and it could cause damage to companies. If you need an example think about the chatbots companies are using today.

Will artificial intelligence be able to answer simple questions? Sure, and it might be able to answer tough ones. It doesn’t mean it can empathize with customers when they’re angry, which will make any situation worse.

5. Creativity Is Going to Let Them Down

Creativity is the reason why we have artificial intelligence in the first place. How can robots take the world forward if they aren’t creative? 90 percent of creative jobs in the western world can’t be touched.

Will robots ever develop the capacity to think creatively? It would be silly to rule anything out, but it’s unlikely to happen if your lifetime. They’ll still be able to help people in those professions.

6. Robots Don’t Know What Networking Is

If you think of computers network is one of the first words that enters your mind, but we’re talking about something completely different here. Robots don’t know how to network with each other like humans.

It’s how a lot of work is generated. If you don’t have anyone to generate work for a company you won’t need robots. When we say robots can talk to each other it’s not water machine chat they’re engaging in.

You Will Have to Make a Few Changes

Once the robots arrive they should be working for you. Don’t let the opposite happen, which will mean making a few changes. They will swallow up certain jobs, which you should try to stay away from at all costs.