Why Video Surveillance is Cornering the Security Market

There are many different kinds of security systems available today, and while they all have the same goal – preventing unauthorised access – some are more cost effective than others. If we are talking domestic break-ins, deterrent is the name of the game, and there’s no better way to make a burglar walk away than the presence of a few well-placed cameras. If you are guarding the crown jewels, video surveillance can be overcome, but for the average Australian homeowner, having the ability to view – and record – the perimeters of the property is more than adequate.

Tailored Solutions

There are no off-the-peg solutions with video surveillance, and should you wish to explore the possibilities, all it takes is an online search to locate an established CCTV provider, who would be happy to visit you at home and discuss your options. A typical home would be covered by three cameras, and with options like infrared and remote zoom, one can ensure 24/7 coverage, and if you have an Internet connection, you can view your home in real time from any location!

Fit and Forget

With no passwords to remember or keys to keep, your video surveillance system will work silently in the background, automatically deleting old data, ensuring that everything is recorded on the large hard drive that stores all the data. From the control point, the user can configure the system and also view a split screen monitor that shows all of the cameras. Once the system is in place and configured, there’s little to do and your home is always protected, and for what it costs, video surveillance ticks all the boxes for both domestic and commercial properties.

Tomorrow’s Technology

Such is the pace of digital development, a leading edge supplier would have an extensive range of state of the art systems, and with their hands-on experience, they can design the ideal system, and at a very affordable price, I might add. Sourcing such a provider is easy with an Internet search, and after ensuring the supplier is both established and has a good name in the industry, you can move ahead with confidence. Any good CCTV supplier would offer you a range of options, and they would stock the very latest models from top manufacturers.

Criminal Damage

Perhaps it is a sad reflection of modern society that people find amusement in vandalising property as they pass by, and one way to ensure that the culprit is identified (and prosecuted) is to set up a suitable CCTV system, and with this deterrent, even the silliest of people will think twice about vandalising a property, as their actions are recorded. This is something that has recently emerged in our society, and vandalism is on the rise, with key scratching being a common occurrence, especially outside a property, and video surveillance is a sobering reminder of the possible consequences, and is often enough to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

Cost Effective Solutions

One can install a state of the art alarm system and after a few days of tuition, you will actually be able to activate it, but when you consider the cost, it is much wiser to go with a tailored CCTV solution. The objective must be met, and the most cost-effective way to achieve this is everyone’s goal, which is the reason why video surveillance has rapidly become the favoured security solution for home and business owners. If you think CCTV would be the answer to your security issues, a simple online search is all it takes to talk to an expert, and with his help, your security concerns are firmly in the past. The system requires no maintenance, as the hard drive automatically deletes the oldest footage when necessary, ensuring you always have the previous 14 days of data safely stored, and should it become apparent that something was amiss, you can quickly backtrack to that day and see for yourself what actually occurred.

The homeowner is always looking for VFM, and with home security, look no further than video surveillance, which is the perfect solution, as it ticks all the boxes, and if you ever happen to be invited to a burglar’s party, never mention the term “CCTV” as it will certainly bring the mood down! Why not call up your local CCTV specialist and ask for their considered opinion? The solution will mean you can finally tick off home security as a done deal!