Things to Consider when Developing a Mobile App?

The iOS and Android markets are at their surge and many companies now have their own mobile apps. The mobile applications have transitioned from being a luxury to a necessity.

Designing a mobile application is a complete different thing. Companies and brands tend to create mobile applications to enhance their online presence. However they do struggle with its development and optimization.

Given the difficulties businesses deal in the development of mobile applications, here are some things one must consider to ease the process:

Where will the app be used?

Once you have decided to make a mobile application, consider where it is likely going to be used. This is important because it has a direct impact on its design.

For example, you have an application that is to be used while walking around, GPS integration is pretty important. If the application used for selling and buying then you need to make sure all the relevant buttons can be easily accessed.

Screen sizes

Regardless of the platform, screen sizes and resolutions differ based on device type. The screen size on one phone of HTC may be different from its other phone. You need to use scalable UI elements and graphics for the application to have a consistent look.

Make sure your application supports multiple screens and it runs properly on every platform. Read different guides on the Internet to make sure you do not miss on this crucial aspect.

Design for touch

Whether you are going to create a social media app or an e-retailer application, designing it around touch and ergonomics is essentially important. In all case, mobile apps are used in someone’s hand.

Think about where your thumb will sit and other aspects. This will enable you to create a more efficient layout. Design your app so the users can take advantage of their gestures as well. This is an add-on. It can add more usability and functionality to your app.

Mobile app or mobile website?

Before even heading towards the actual development process, figure out whether you need a mobile application, website or both. This will enable you to choose the best formats that would be consistent with your goals. If you are planning to build a game then an application would be suitable.

However, sometimes the distinctions are not clear. In such scenarios, get into the details. If the application can be used without an Internet connection then a mobile application would make more sense. If other parts of mobile operating system are going to be integrated then again a mobile application would be suitable.


These were some general points that every developer must take into account but in some cases the preference may vary according to the different objectives and demands. Different designers may have different priorities. Whatever your preferences are, make sure you get into all the subtle details to ensure an optimal result.