Live Video streaming is killing TV business.

Watching TV is one thing that everyone likes to do. Some watch their favorite series, others like sports while some others want news and information. Your criteria might be different, but you tend to be particular about your shows time, not to miss it.

But that’s not always possible. You have to go to business tours, meetings, parties, family gatherings and more such events and that’s when you tend to miss out the entire episode or your favorite game or latest news. And you had to wait the entire week for next chapter to show recap or wait for morning news to catch up with updates.

Over time technology has given us many benefits, some that tried helping the TV views but not really. The live recording thing that’s still on the market, I guess is useless. What good is watching a live recorded match after you hear about your favorite team’s loss from your friend? Nobody comes from a tour to playback the recording to watch a two-day-old event.

That’s where the latest live streaming is killing everything!
Thanks to live video streaming your Smartphone can now be your TV anywhere and everywhere you go. Now you don’t miss your favorite shows, game or news. Just play them live on your Smartphone and keep yourself updated.

Online channels like Netflix and Fox News live are your best buddies. You can watch your series live and stream on Netflix while watching the latest happenings from around the world; news, sports, events anything streaming on Fox News Live.

Live video streaming has now decreased the popularity of TV. The younger generation who is more curious, with all new features of live video streaming and still getting to spend time with friends; having a party, but still catching up with their favorite series. Now, this is what I call boon of technology.

Benefits of live streaming

● The best and the most significant benefit is that you will never miss any of your favorite game, or news or shows
● Live streaming facility throughout the world irrespective of time zone difference. So you get to watch your show anywhere you go.
● Easy Monthly subscription at meager rates
● No DTH connection required, only reasonable cellular data or wi-fi
● The convenience of viewing on your MacBook, or iPhone or any other smartphone or laptop.

Well, the benefits sure are enticing, and why not, there are millions of users of live video streaming now. Everything around the world reaches to you live as if being directly telecasted to your device. It’s that fun.

And these benefits of live streaming videos are the most significant cause of worry for TV business. The TV business has shrunk with the release of the live streaming facility. Probably that is the reason why now every channel is launching its live streaming channel, to stay in business.

Just like the Fox News, many other news channels, Spots channels and entertainment channels are also starting their live channels for live streaming viewers.
Well, if this trend will continue to grow, probably It will mean an end to TV era which I feel would be wrong.