How to Build a Website Which Looks Like Yelp?

Yelp is a well-recognized website where users can find the right services and check reviews. Is was founded in October 2004. Since the inception of Yelp, 115 million reviews of different services have been written.

There are many people who want to operate in a similar way as Yelp. There is no need to be embarrassed about it. It is all about giving value to your users. Many startups are not unique but a repetition or continuation of existing ideas. This is understandable due to tough competition in the market.

Making another Yelp

As mentioned above, Yelp is a local business directory portal. To build a website like Yelp, we need to understand who average ‘Yelpers’ are. According to some surveys, we have reached to the result that an average Yelp visitor is usually college educated female browsing from work or school. After analyzing the demographics, one can think about building a website that caters mostly to the female audience but do not restrict to it. Since females are the main target, think about it when choosing your brand logo and domain name.

Domain Name

You need to choose a brandable domain name for your new Yelp-like website. Make sure the domain is short, easy to remember and it avoids any trademarks. You need a reliable company offering the best price and deals for their customers.

Also your website needs a custom logo. Logos will demonstrate what your brand is all about. Choose it wisely that sets into your existing budget.

Dedicated hosting

Your website needs to get on the Internet. This is where web hosting comes into play. Your website must be dependent on a reliable web host. In case of web host crashes, no one is able to visit your website. Go for a quality server hosting company. This will ensure an optimal operation of website.

Business directory script

A business directory script is essential when it comes to building a Yelp-like website. Many people go for a Yelp clone script. You can purchase a ready-made website script or hire a developer to build a customized solution.

Local businesses

Creation of content is pivotal to your website’s success. Gather local businesses that add them to your website. Yelp is popular because people can enter reviews about thousands of businesses. Don’t wait for the people to add business, add them yourself.

Drive traffic

Once your website is populated with a lot of businesses, drive traffic to your website. SEO should be your main target for generation of traffic. You can implement different SEO strategies to get your website on search engine rankings. Use social media to your advantage.


It is important to determine how the project will earn you money. As the traffic increases, think about generating revenue. Yelp makes money with advertising campaigns. You can simply use banner ads to sell online.


This is a complete guide to make a Yelp-like website. Make sure you maintain it properly after its creation to ensure a successful operation.