What Can an Apple Mail App Do for You?

The Apple mail app is a reliable application with advanced features that help users manage their email accounts quickly and conveniently. It is a popular mail app with extra features that allow you to format emails, add multi-media attachments and other interesting add-ons to give you a better mailing experience.  

Most users experienced various mail app issues that prompted Apple to revamp its app. Let us take a look at some of the enhanced features and how they can solve your mailing challenges:

Formatting Menu

Apple mail app gives users a variety of formatting options. For instance, they can align paragraphs, indent or outdent paragraphs, including bullets and numbering. Moreover, it has several formatting attributes like underlining, bold, and italics you can add to your document. The mail app also has a circular palette for changing text colors. Thus, the Apple app is quite convenient with improved formatting options.

Add Media Files

Another advantage of using the Apple mail app is the feature of adding media files. You can easily attach videos and photographs to your email message. The feature allows you to your image gallery in the library folder. All you have to do is tap the media you want to include, and it will automatically get placed in the email.

Take Photos and Include Files

Sometimes you might want to send a real-time image via email. Apple mail app allows users to take pictures or videos and upload them on the email message. The keyboard toolbar has a camera icon visible that you can use to open the files app. It allows you to upload and insert files or images from other online services with ease.

In addition, there is an icon for document scans on the keyboard that you can tap to insert scanned documents on your email. 

Mark-up Tools

You might have a non-editable document that you need to mark or cross out information. One easy way of doing this is using the mark-up tools option available on the Apple mail app. The keyboard toolbar has a pen icon that you can tap to activate the mark-up tools. You can pick different tools to draw or mark documents or images to your desired results. Moreover, you can also include a new drawing in the email message.

Reply Menu

Unlike the old mail app, Apple has enhanced the reply menu with new exciting options. The reply icon on an open email now comprises several commands. Apart from replying, you can also archive or forward the message. In addition, you can also send a reply to many people on your email list. 

Other features include flagging particular messages as highly important and marking already-read emails as unread. Users can also delete the message or move it to a separate folder. If some emails are not necessary, you can mark them as spam messages or move them to the junk folder.

Furthermore, you can enable the mute button to stop getting email notifications. Conversely, you can also activate notification alerts by taping the Notify Me section. Printing is also possible directly from the email.

Block Sender

Apple mail app also has the option of blocking email senders. You can enable this feature by opening the email message you don’t want and tapping the contact. Hence, you can block the contacts you don’t want and unblock them at any time.

Select Multiple Emails

The enhanced app offers a convenient way to select many messages at a go. You can perform actions like moving, deleting, or archiving them in one shot. 

Diversity of Features 

As you can see, the Apple mail app comprises many exciting features that offer users a seamless mailing experience. It is becoming a favorite mail app for most Mac owners. Try the features and manage your email accounts with ease and convenience. 

Written by Adam Eaton