What are the Ways of Transforming Your App into an Addictive Tech Program

The mobile app developers take up the challenge of providing an increased addictive quotient which is effective in bringing back the customers again and again.

People from all walks of lives are increasingly using the smartphones and the other tech gadgets. Smartphones and the iPads are often used to pacify rowdy children. The easy-to-use interfaces and the apps that are entertaining and colorful are often used to keep the toddler busy.

Technology has built a glass around us and we will cease to talk with each other as we can communicate, but we chose not to do so, as we start using these latest gadgets.

We have already seen a revolution of mobile technologies as we have started living our lives with these smartphones. The task that could have been earlier possible to achieve by ensuring that there is a physical presence at the time when it is executed is now done with the just a tap on this smartphone device.

In such a scenario, the number of smartphone users will rise up to 2.5 billion by 2019. These staggering numbers itself speak of how there is a gradual shift to the digital landscape. These gadgets are acting as a solution provider and even started acting as a Personal Assistant for many users.

Because of this increasing dependencies on the smart gadgets the onus now lies more on the mobile app developers, taking up the challenge of making them better in terms of creativity and innovation.

The mobile apps developed are not the same in sharing of same level addiction. The whole idea is about a adding a out-of-the-box appeal to the app that the user is enticed to return back to it, enjoying the same experience again, which generates that addictive trait for your app. It is quite difficult to make the users relieve the same experience, maintaining the same level of user engagement.

The mobile app that you develop must surpass all other app experiences in the same space. Here are some of the ways to increase this addictive quotient:

Simplicity is the Key

We have already mentioned that that there are many ways in which the app is made addictive. One of the best way to attract the customers is to make it as simple as possible, for the user. No one likes to use mobile apps that are extremely complicated in nature because these apps are all about making their lives simpler. Your app must not include trivial features as well as content and navigation. Simpler are the functionalities, higher are the chances that your app will perform better.

Responds Quickly

Today’s customers are always on the go and seeking comforts in doing their tasks quickly, as they search for smarter options. Speed and responsiveness are the two factors that your app must have, a faster response is what adds that addictive element to your app. It is found that slower apps do have higher uninstallation rates when compared with the apps responding quickly.

Controlling Experience is What Matters

It is a human psychology , that they love those experiences where they have the illusion of layouts and the features which makes them feel special. This ensures that the users come back to you again and again, so that they can experience other features of your app. The ultimate goal is to enhance the user engagement. Seamless experience is what matters here.

Virtual Experience

Another quite useful element to increase the additivity of the mobile apps is to make the users live in a virtual world. People crave to live in the world of dreams. The games and the fantasy applications will ensure that the apps provide the same purpose. A sumptuous user experience is what is sought by the user and they feel like coming back again and again to have the same experience.

Concept of Enforced Loop

Enforced loop is about learning, executing and rewarding. The user must be able to perform certain tasks and if that is successful, will be given a reward. A positive feedback on the successful completion of a task is what repeatedly attracts the users.

The above techniques are what converts your app into an addictive tech program. The highly competitive marketplace is purely customer-centric. It is the user experience that holds the greatest score for making your app addictive.

Author Bio:

Sudeep Srivastava is the CEO and Co-Founder at Appinventiv, the best mobile app development company that has created a niche in mobility solutions. He has leadership quality and loves to write on a variety of subjects including mobile apps, new techniques ushering in the app development domain and about startups and entrepreneurship.