Are you wondering if there is a fun and engaging way to improve your skills? Then luck has brought you to the perfect page! A research study conducted in Mailman School of Public Health, a part of Columbia University in New York reflected interesting findings. According to it, games with visual elements have the power to enhance mental and social skills!

Now that the skill improving magic of games is scientifically established, let us move on to 7 best games for skill development-

1) Basic Solitaire

The original version of Basic Solitaire instigated in Europe in the later part of 17th century. The card game is played via “Klondike” rule and involves our concentration and memory facilities. It will boost numerous of your brain skills.

2) Moustress

If you want a game to improve your reaction skills, Moustress is the perfect game for you. It is a 2D obstacle maze game where you need to survive for the maximum time. Good practice of this game will give you improved eye-hand harmonization and attentiveness skills.

3) World of Goo

It is a simple, stunning and brilliantly made physics-based construction/puzzle game, designed to improve your problem-solving skills. World of Goo is the proud owner of “Designer Innovation Awards” as well as “Technical Excellence Award” in “Independent Games Festival”. A creation of “2D Boy”, involving millions of goo balls in the world of goo!

4) Letterpress

If your vocabulary skills require finishing, practicing “Letterpress” can help you. It is an online iOS two-player game where you need to compete with your opponent and make more words from the given alphabets. Whoever creates more words before the clock runs out, wins! Undoubtedly the fastest way to enrich terminology.

5) Rummy Game

Rummy is a world renowned card game which is an integral part of casinos and game stores due to its proficiency increasing abilities. It enhances focus, arithmetical, observation, reading hands, probability and playing style skills, owing to the acute concentration it requires.You can play this rummy game online with real money as well.

6) Jenga

Jenga is a universally acclaimed game played using blocks for enhancing your strategy and fine motor skills. This is an offline game where you need to be really precise with your eyes and hands, working up your focus and coordination skills as well. This game has prevailed since long and it’s great for kids of all ages!

7) Quento

If Math has always been your weak point, Quento might aid in improving it considerably. It is an appealing game that can hook the player almost immediately! One player can play it and need to rely on their basic subtraction and addition skills. In form of challenges that you need to overcome, it’s like math practice but full of excitement!