Want to build a stunning dating app? Here’s how

Every day, nearly 40 million people interact with each other on a dating website or an app. That means almost 20 million matches a day. Of course, it is a big number. With the help of online dating tools, these people try to interact with each other. And a sensible next question that will pop up is “What is the best way to meet people online? Is there a particular application, platform, or any website?

With the increasing demand for dating apps and websites, the number of entrepreneurs who want to build an interactive dating app is also increasing. And if you are one of those who are determined to take a nice shot and build an excellent dating app and learn the kind of expenses that involved in the process, then read on.

The very first thing you need to understand is what your audience expect from a basic dating app.

One of the main reasons why the idea of online dating has become so popular is because people can know more information before they go out with the interested person. Earlier, the process used to be completely different. Because, back then, people used to take a very long time even to get a basic idea of the person they are dating. And, this was actually a major problem for women across the globe as safety is the highest priority for all of them. The capability to gain some useful information on a particular person’s background via some kind of validation can greatly help people and that would be the specialty of an online dating app.

Another perspective to take into consideration is the value of the app. Other than the clear-cut matching, your dating application has to offer some useful solutions to your audience issues or concerns. There are primarily two reasons why a dating application user experience is so unique. One is effectiveness and the other ease of usage. Just like any of the applications that are completely based on location, dating applications too offer great opportunities in the moment.

A minute or even a second is enough to take away the person you may like or who made like you from your site forever. This kind of situations creates a sort of urgency for people across the globe. And that is why there are three basic things that your audience expects from your dating application once they install it:

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Perfect Match

Tips for how to create a perfect dating app

There are a lot of dating apps such as Tinder and Happn that are available in the Play Store and App Store who completely changed the face of a dating app. There were dating apps before tinder too but they kind of required some constant improvement and involvement which eventually lead users to uninstall them. Tinder and Happn actually set a benchmark for a perfect dating app by allowing its users to swipe right if they are interested in the profile and left if they are not interested in the profile. And in any case, the user is not interested in the profile then once swiping left the user will not be saying that particular profile anymore.


Usually, people spend almost a couple of hours a day on a dating app. And this means that there has to be the financial outlook for dating applications. In today’s competitive world, you should set your app free and accessible to everyone so that every user who is interested in installing a dating app can try yours.

Premium account

Unlike intangible goods, nowadays, people are only willing to put money into tangible experiences or products. Honestly speaking, a dating application alone doesn’t give any sort of guarantee and thus leaving the potential users unsatisfied. So in order to gain profit, you need to offer some kind of premium features that your users can have access to so that they can find their perfect match.

In app ads

As you are providing a free dating app, it is completely viable to seek money through advertising. Some of the application owners are even willing to compromise on there UX so that they can make some money by providing such ad offers to the advertisers. But what you need to understand is that you certainly wouldn’t want to compromise on your designing part by showing irrelevant ads to your users.


One of the excellent ways to include advertising part is by utilizing the content that is related to your app. Any app that is either couple related service or a free coffee at a coffee shop etc. can make your app truly special. You can also use coupons to purchase gifts for people.

Cost and time involved in a dating application development

With the right proportion of cutting-edge technology, dating application principles, and a handful of apps that are available now, you can indeed create a dating app that may beat all other popular apps and even help you in finding your perfect match. Moving on to the actual numbers part, let’s take a look at the average number of working hours and expenses that are involved in building a dating application.

— The basic app for one platform (iOS or Android) can take up to 1,000 hours of manpower to build.

  • Another 250+ hours for developing backend.
  • About 100+ hours for UX design.
  • A/B testing and others can take up to another 50+ hours.

The cost of developing a dating application can depend on per hour rate of the developers you want onboard. Whether it is a freelancer or a full-time, in-house dating app developers, the development procedure will remain same.

  • Freelancers can charge from $10 per hour
  • In-house development team can charge up to $150 per hour
  • Outsourced development team can go up to $50 per hour