6 Football Protective Gears You Need to Put On Before Your Match

A sport is no more just about the physical capabilities of the athletes. Rather, the dynamics of the game and performances in almost all kinds of sports has changed a lot with sport equipment playing an important role in players optimizing their performance. American Football is a sport where protective gears play an important role in defining both safety and performance of the players. Equipment like visors and others are essential for good performance. Let us have a look at some football protective gears that you need to put on before the match.

1. Shoulder Pads

American Football is a game in which the protective equipment depends largely on the position of the players. Shoulder Pads are designed to reduce the impact on the shoulders and torso of the players in order to keep them safe from injury. However, the essence of the shoulder pads does not stop there only as it also helps in improvement of skill set of the players and giving them the extra punch needed to be a touch ahead of others. The type of shoulder pads used varies from position to position. For quarter back and wider receiver, the pads have less protection and are lighter. This is done so that the gears do not reduce the speed of the players while also providing them with the required amount of protection. The defensive and running back shoulder pads have immense amount of padding in various places in order to protect them from the vicious hits taken during the game. Apart from this, liner back and full back have paddings at specialized places like tail bone etc. to protect the players from injury. So overall, the shoulder pad is vital equipment needed for the protection of the players.

2. Football Helmets

Head or skull is the part of body which is most susceptible to blows which may lead to concussion, paralysis and even death in some cases. This is the reason why football helmets are one of the most important equipment which cannot be compromised in any scenario. The technology has helped to improve the helmet in many ways. The helmets now days are much lighter and stronger with the force being redirected from the jaws and skull to other parts of the helmet, thus saving these two critical parts from injury. A helmet is considered a good choice if it fits well and remains in place even when the head is tilted or receives an impact. So, make sure that the helmet you are using is light and fits well because the head has to be protected with best possible equipment.

3. Football Gloves

The main purpose of the football gloves is to protect the fingers from injury but the definition has changed to a certain extent in recent years. The addendum to the definition is that the gloves now also help to improve the receiving capability of the player wearing it. Now days, the gloves are being designed with competent air flow so that they do not create problem in releasing the ball. Apart from this, the paddings used in palm are helping to improve the grip. So, next time you buy a football glove, look for the one which suits your fingers the best.

4. Collar or Neck Rolls

The head protection helmets had the drawback that they did not protect the back of the neck reason thus making it susceptible to injury because of the sudden impact. So, collar or neck rolls are being used now days which attach with the shoulder pads and protects neck from injuries.

5. Football Shoes

Legs are susceptible to injury due to sudden tackles experienced while playing American Football. So, special football shoes need to be used which protect the ankles from injury along with the feet.

6. Rubber Mouth Protector

The teeth and gums are susceptible to injury and damage because of fierce tackles. In order to protect these parts, rubber mouth protectors are used. Buy these protectors according to the shape of the job.

These are the football protective gears you need to put on before your match for your own safety.