Four Reasons To Avoid Boric Acid Suppositories

Did you know that boric acid is actual poison? Yet millions of women continue to use it in their most intimate part. “Many women would stop using boric acid if they knew how dangerous it was to their health and to the environment,”says Dr. Renjie Chang, a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecologist.

“Vaginal health is extremely important. Maintaining the hygienic standard of cleaning and maintaining your private parts is integral to a healthy body and the health of future children,” say experts. Only the highest quality products should be used for such an important organ.

Most significantly, a woman’s body goes tremendous changes during menopause. Both physical and Hormonal modifications are experienced at this time. Experts tell that many women slip down in depression and anxiety due to menopause.

One of the other issues faced by aging women is bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis happens due to abnormal overgrowth of bacteria. Many women use home remedies to solve their BV, while others seek the help of an expert.

Prescribed medications are available for treatment of bacterial vaginosis. But caution is the word. Most of these application drugs contain boric acid, chemical composition H3BO3.

Earlier due to lack of research data boric acid was commonly used for treating bacterial infections in the body including, bacterial vaginosis.
But studies have proved otherwise. Boric acid is harmful to your health.

Here are four reasons you why you should avoid using boric acid?

• Use of boric acid in bacterial vaginosis makes it even worse. Boric acid kills all bacteria. It kills all of your good bacteria along with the bad, leading to recurrent BV. The growth of some bacterial is reasonable in the vagina, and it is naturally essential for its health. But the use of boric acid kills the entire population of bacteria that can worsen your situation.

• Boric acid is an active pesticide; it can kill cockroaches when contacted. Its side effects are hazardous to human health. Even a small portion of boric acid can destroy a massive colony of cockroaches. So you can imagine the impact on human skin and health.

• It’s poisonous and fatal to humans. If accidentally swallowed boric acid can cause vomiting,pyrexia, abdominal pain, seizures, coma and even death. Would you want that to happen to your boyfriend or husband after oral sex?

• Boric acid is a pollutant and harms the environment. Environmentalists conclude that intoxication of the place (water, soil, etc.) with boric acid can cause severe Health issues like loss of strength, hair loss, anorexia and lower sperm count in males.

Now, these are some serious issues you cannot overlook. Boric acid has been misunderstood for years, but no more. Medical professionals are now recommending alternative remedies that do not contain boric acid.

NeuEve is a natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis that does not contain any boric acid.This medicine is made from non-toxic and natural ingredients that can heal BV within a week’s time, giving you permanent relief from recurrent BV.

Taking care of your health is essential especially during menopause, conditions, specifically hysterectomies, and related treatments.

In some instances, women undergo hormonal replacement therapy for treating various health issues due to aging and reaching menopause.
Some prefer this as it can undo specific harmful hormonal effects on your health.