Waiting to upgrade? Just smash your current PC!

Waiting for a PC replacement or upgrade is apparently driving some employees to take (or consider taking) what can only be described as drastic measures.

A recent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne (and commissioned by Mozy) questioned 3,000 office staffers in Germany, France and the UK.


25% of employees believe crudely smashing their PC or getting a junk shop to do the same is the most effective way to be assigned a new computer in the workplace.

This probably stems from the fact that two out of every five respondents questioned believed their aging computer was significantly slowing down their productivity.


There were some interesting differences between the respondents in the three countries.

For example, of the three, the average British employee uses the most obsolete PC, more than five years, or half a decade old.

Compare those stats to German offices – where the age of the average computer stands at just two years and 7 months.


However, despite their PCs not being on either extreme of the age barometer, the French are the most likely to decimate their machines to get a new one, with 40% standing ready to do the ugly deed with their trusty baguettes.

Consistent with newer office PCs, the research also concluded that more German employees trust their bosses to buy them a new computer compared to the French or British.


And for the Brits, having newer computers at home may be a secondary source of their frustration – as 40% attested to owning current generation PCs.

[Via ThinqMozy