Virtual Reality: How Tech Is Changing the Way You Buy and Sell a Home

Technology is changing the way we experience life today! The digital world has not just impacted the way we purchase goods online, but also property. Are you moving out sometime soon and looking for a property? And as you search for the same, are you relying only on the brochures you gather from the real estate agent’s office? If yes, you deny the technological developments prevalent in the real estate sector. You probably need to welcome the opportunity, where you can view a property online, in 3D quality without having to step out of your home.

Every buyer has a specific need. Hence, real estate companies today offer an impressive 360-degree preview of a realty space, which is unique. And this makes selling and buying home revolutionary. Virtual reality has been a boon to companies who know how to use it to their advantage. If you want to reach out to one such real estate company, you can get in touch with ASAP Cash Home Buyers and experience something different.

Customers are in for an immersive experience

Generally, the process of selecting and purchasing a real estate property is hard work. You will have to do a lot of running around to compare one residential or commercial space with the other before you arrive at a final decision. We all have a picture of a dream house or office we want to purchase. We get picky about the room structure, space quality and also colors. And then there’s added stress as we want to find a close match to our dream property. Hence, when we don’t see any close match to the ideal property, we feel agitated for the time spent in running around. Thankfully, technology and virtual reality have changed everything.

Technology can transform ordinary space into an immersive experience by showcasing a preview of the property online. Every little feature such as furniture placement, room decorative arts, artificial lighting to the living room decor, everything gets captured in a virtual reality format. The buyer would feel as if he/she is having a real-time experience of walking into a realty space, while comfortably seated in his/her home or the office lobby. Virtual Reality with its HD display and interactive features offers the buyer complete transparency. Today, buyers are simply space-walking into a realty space to determine if it fits their requirements, preference and justifies their budget. Hence, one can compare several realty spaces within few minutes than encountering any physical stress.

The way it works

The million-dollar question here is the way this gets done? And the answer is advanced 3D imaging. The 3D imaging technology has come a long way today and is leveraged excellently by the real estate sector. There’s a VR headset, which uses a mix of LCDs and lenses to set up an in-depth illusion of reality. The 3D images that get generated simply mirrors the way our human eye looks at the world. Contrary to a picture on the laptop screen or TV that has a boundary, the virtual reality images encompass you. It provides a 100-degree view and moves away beyond the boundaries.

Expert developers also use a head tracking system that can sense movements of the viewer. And this system can make changes in images based on the movement of the viewer. For instance, imagine you are observing a property online. You probably are inside the dining space of a Scandinavian townhouse and wish to have a look at the dining table. There’s a quick way out. You need to turn your head sideways, and the object will come to your focus. The developers today are embedding videos and adding texts to the entire virtual tour. For instance, if you are looking at the kitchen space, there can be another video, which pops up to update you on the designing style, materials used and furnish architecture details as well.

A few essentials

To get to this level of perfect 3D imaging real estate sellers need to pay attention to a few aspects. When dabbling with virtual reality, the camera work quality is essential. It should be impeccable. To provide the best user experience, the sellers should opt in for a 360-degree camera that takes images and data from various points in every room of a house or office.

The objective here is to engage real estate buyers completely! Real estate agents are aware that people can’t move out of their house always to check out other real estate space when they want to buy a property. Sometimes, there buyers and sellers can stay in different time zones. And this at times makes buyers miss out of their dream properties and sellers on prospective clients. Hence, expert real estate providers are leveraging virtual reality in a way that it enables buyers to examine a property the way they want when they want within their comfort zone. Hence, smart use of virtual reality can help real estate companies to compile their property brochures in a streamlined way.