Video: Kal-El & the future of mobile gaming

Nvidia has released a video showcasing the advanced graphics capabilities of its upcoming quad-core Tegra mobile processor codenamed “Kal-El.”

“Given that dual-core processors are already on market, you might be wondering how Kal-El’s quad-core technology will improve the mobile experience,” Nvidia rep Matt Wuebbling wrote in a company blog post.

“Rather than try to explain it, we’ve put together a hands-on demo to give you a sneak peek at the new capabilities coming to superphones and tablets later this year.”

As you can see in the video, “Glowball” – which serves as the actual light source – accurately casts its effect on different objects as it rolls.

According to Wuebbling, this showcases “the power” of dynamic lighting, which is rendered in real-time with physics.

“Thanks to Project Kal-El, Glowball’s true dynamic lighting brings more life and interactivity to a 3D environment,” he explained. 

”[Yes], this marks the first time [such] lighting is feasible on a mobile device.”

Wuebbling also noted that Glowball utilizes the accelerometer inside a device – precisely affecting real-time movements of drapes throughout the demo. 

“As the user tilts the device, the gravity in the scene changes and drapes respond accordingly. The movements are calculated using physics and are simulated across Project Kal-El’s four CPU cores. 

“Again, no canned animations. As the ball rolls through the drapes, they respond how you’d expect them to in real life,” he added.