Peter Jackson to answer twenty fan questions about The Hobbit

To help alleviate some of the rumors surrounding the upcoming film, Director Peter Jackson has decided to choose 20 of the most popular questions about The Hobbit from a selection of over 4,000 queries.

The process is going to take a few weeks, as he posts the questions and their answers on his Facebook page as he gets to them.

“I’ve been very busy recently, not just with shooting, but with location scouting and prep work during our days off, so I’ve found it hard to get to the questions,” he posted on his page.

“However, today I have enjoyed sitting down and reading through them all. I’ll get started and continue to answer what seem to be the most popular questions during the next few weeks (as well as some one-off, quirky ones!)”

As of press time, he has only answered one question: Many fans have asked whether the attack on Dol Guldor by the White Council will be depicted in the two-part film.

Jackson answered a bit cryptically, confirming that “both the White Council and Dol Guldur will feature in the movies. And not just in one scene either.”

He followed that with a sentiment that “it” will be a cool looking interaction, which hints that perhaps there will be an actual effects-heavy battle scene; one for which not all the details have been ironed out.

After answering the question, he jokingly linked to a photograph of several of the film’s stars goofing off in when looks like the studio’s daycare center, claiming it was “the first image of Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel brandishing an array of fearsome Elvish weapons.”

Keep checking TG Daily in the next few weeks for reports on further answers from Jackson regarding The Hobbit.