Tweetbot for iPhone renews the Twitter for mobile addiction

Twitter is one of those tools that’s especially cool when used on your mobile phone. The problem? Most Twitter for mobile clients absolutely suck.

It seems like all of them are missing a huge component or are tragically flawed in one way or another. But one promising new Twitter app is Tweetbot, released by Tapbots.

Tweetbot for iPhone is available in the App Store for iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4.1 or later at a price of $1.99. The app offers all of the standard features of a Twitter client like uploading media, support for multiple accounts, saving drafts, sending and links to instapaper.

What makes Tweetbot different are some of the handy features unavailable on other apps.

For example, with Tweetbot, a user can press down on a tweet to access a menu full of useful features like posting a link to it, copying it, emailing it, or translating it.

Normal clients don’t have this kind of user friendly set-up, and it seems to take an expert to figure out the intricacies. Not with Tweetbot. It’s easy enough to use on a mobile that I may never visit again. It’s almost… too easy to up your Twitter intake.

If you tap and hold on an avatar or name, you get a separate menu of features ranging from the ability to add them to a list, send a direct message, follow or unfollow, or report as spam. These seemingly simple features make Twitter for mobile experience easy and enjoyable.

Probably the most mobile friendly feature of Tweetbot is the ability to swipe right to view a Twitter conversation or swipe left to view related tweets. With related tweets you can see what other people are responding and who else is joining into the conversation.

The app also has a hot key feature where users can swap the two right buttons for different functions like viewing a list, search, or retweets.

So let the Twitter re-addiction begin!


(Via Macworld)