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Hot New Vaping Trends

Vaping is the next big thing. Already immensely popular amongst the young and hip, vaping is only expanding both its potential and its popularity. Once created as a simple e-cigarette, as a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping has grown into its own subculture–with flask-like mods, denser vapes, and even e-juice that smells like chocolate chip cookies.

If you’re interested in hot new vaping trends, then it’s likely you’re already a part of the vaping scene. Take a look at these new vaping trends to see what’s up and coming.

Better Buying Options.

For decades, buying cigarettes wasn’t exactly fun. Besides the (fairly well deserved) cultural stigma of smoking, due to its ill health effects and dangerous second-hand smoke–not a lot of courtesy was extended to cigarette buyers. Most likely, a purchaser got their cigarettes from a gas station, making their selection from behind the counter. Vaping, however, doesn’t have that same cultural stigma. While still not healthy, it’s considered far safer than cigarette smoking, and it has little to no effect on others. With vaping’s rise in popularity, vape supplies are now available in stores–and you don’t have to buy them from a grouchy sales clerk, either. Most vape shops are trendy, full of friendly employees, great smells, and music. Vape supplies don’t have to be purchased in-store, either. There’s a fantastic array of online vape supplies, including wholesale distributors. E juice to mods, they’ve got it all.


With cigarettes, there’s no point in distributing them in different colors. White, with a brown tip–all cigarettes essentially look the same. Since they’re thrown out as soon as they’re smoked, there’s no reason to customize or color cigarettes. Vapes, on the other hand, stick around. The e-juice inside keeps getting replaced, but the same vape pen or mod will stay with you for awhile. That’s given rise to more and more pen and mod customization options. Fun colors, art, or even personally-designed vape supplies are increasingly available.

Better Designs.

At first, vape mods were only compatible within their brand. That meant batteries, e-juices, and atomizers could only be purchased through one retailer–which was disappointing if you saw a flavor you wanted try, because it meant buying a whole new mod. Newer mods are, on the whole, compatible across the board. Plus, newer mods generally have longer battery life and and quicker charge times.

Higher VG Content.

VG stands for vegetable glycerine, and it’s becoming increasingly popular on the vaping scene. E juices with a higher VG content are denser, and the clouds they create are more tangible. Many vapers enjoy this experience, since it allows them to blow clouds of smoke and get a more intense vaping experience. As cloud chasing becomes more and more popular, so too will e-juices with a high VG content.

Whether this is the year you get a personalized mod, or try a high VG content e-juice, the new vaping trends will have something to offer.