Wedding Planning Tips: Planning a Wedding Reception

Congratulations! You’re officially engaged and planning one of the biggest events to take place in your life. With thoughts of venues, flowers, bridal gowns, wedding party members, the guest list of family and friends who are local or coming in from out of town, a wedding can be a mind-boggling process to plan. That’s where the professional wedding planner comes in; not to save the day but to assist couples in planning their perfect day. While wedding planning can be a staggering task encompassing some very minute details, a professional wedding planner can make dreams come true for brides around the globe. They can help alleviate enormous amounts of stress and worry for the bridal couple making the planning process easy to maneuver for all involved.

Your wedding planner should be well-prepared and knowledgeable, therefore fully capable of assisting with all the wedding needs desired in your locality. A professional wedding planner is able to:

1. Work within your financial plan; staying on budget is important to them

2. Coordinates with the engaged couple to ensure all details are exactly what they want

3. As your spokesperson, they properly convey your wishes and desires to everyone, including family members

4. Greets guests, guiding them at the event

5. Knows local vendors and maintains a great working relationship with them

6. Handles vendor contracts negotiating on your behalf

7. Offers venue suggestions and makes reservations

8. Supervises vendors, event set-up and take down leaving you to enjoy the day

9. Professionally guides wedding party members in their important role

10. Identifies proper etiquette and prepares the wedding party

11. Smoothly guides all involved with proper invitation wording, can order invitations, addressing and even mailings

12. Tracks your guest list RSVPs

13. Is aware of the latest trends and hottest styles

14. Works with the wedding couples vision in mind

15. Handles any emergencies that arise (and they will!)

16. Marriage license requirements where ever your wedding is held

17. Ensures a proper wedding officiant is scheduled

18. Assists in coordinating honeymoon plans if needed

If you’ve decided on a destination wedding, keep in mind that not all wedding planners are necessarily considered destination wedding planners. A professional wedding planner with ties to a knowledgeable travel agent can make your dream wedding a reality with both professionals expertly supporting and advising the engaged couple on travel requirements and options putting together all the pieces of the puzzle with you. With both working together, the travel agent will be able to suggest a destination that accommodates the couple’s wants and needs; the wedding planner will work with the resort to ensure all arrangements are expertly handled from the rehearsal dinner to fun time activities culminating in the anticipated wedding day.

When you hire a qualified, proficient professional wedding planner who is capable of handling, not just a local wedding, but also skilled in planning and managing your destination wedding, then you have truly hired every couples dream wedding expert. Not only will this professional wedding planner comprehend the most intricate details from passports and vaccinations, to weather and travel requirements, their discerning opinion and impeccable judgment will enable all attendees to be familiar with all requirements necessary on their behalf providing a truly enjoyable event.