Aiptek brings out first glasses-free 3D photo frame

Glasses-free 3D technology is not something confined to the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, as digital camera manufacturer Aiptek plans to bring out a new kind of digital photo frame in the next couple months.

3D digital cameras are still kind of relegated to a niche market right now, even more so than 3D TVs, but that’s predominantly because there’s no useful way to display the captured content in its full 3D glory.

That will change on August 15, when Aiptek plans to ship its Portable 3D Photo and Video Display. It will employ the same kind of technology that the 3DS is using, which presents an image or video with the sense of depth, without the need for 3D glasses.

Aiptek launched its own 3D camera, the i2, earlier this year. The content can be played back on stereoscopic 3D TVs.

For the digital photo frame market, which has become kind of like the toothpaste aisle at the department store – nothing’s exciting anymore – it could be a huge burst of rejuvenation. And it is the perfect use of glasses-free 3D technology.

When it launched on August 15, the 3D photo frame will be priced at around $200.