Windows 8 details leaked on the internet

Documents appearing to be plans for Windows 8 have been popping up all over the internet overnight.

The slides, which are claimed to come from a Microsoft presentation to its OEM partners, seem to have been acquired by Italian site Windowsette first.

They show an ‘instant on’ operating system that starts up much more quickly than its predecessor. “Windows 8 PCs turn on fast, nearly instantly in some cases, and are ready to work without any long or unexpected delays,” reads one.

According to the slides, Windows 8 will include improved connectivity and support a touch interface, along with stereoscopic 3D and wireless TV. A security option allows log-in through facial recognition.

Windows 8 machines clearly won’t be crash-proof, unfortunately, as the company is promising an instant reset button which allows the users to restart without losing data.

Some of the slides also mention a ‘Windows App Store.’ And the presentation shows a company that’s clearly a touch envious of Apple’s success – one slide discusses the App Store in admiring terms, and the quick start-up is compared to the iPad’s instant-on facility.

“Apple brand is known for high quality, uncomplicated, ‘It just works,” reads one slide. “Realized value leads to product satisfaction, which in terms feeds brand loyalty.”

Given the company’s usual development cycle, though, it’s unlikely that the new version would appear before 2012 – so there’s plenty of time for changes.