Nexus One becomes first to get Android 2.2

The latest version of Android is now being pushed to the Nexus One, giving some love to the loyal few that have actually bought Google’s one and only in-house developed mobile phone.

The beta version of Android 2.2, also known by its codename Froyo (short for “frozen yogurt”), became available last month but this is the first time that a finalized version of the new OS is available.

Amidst other enhancements, the 2.2 update brings with it the feature-rich Flash 10.1 mobile player, a big move for a mobile industry that is beginning to turn away from the Flash standard.

Additionally, Froyo promises faster speeds, automatic software upgrades, and Internet tethering.

The update will be compatible with most Android phones released in 2010, especially those made by Samsung or HTC. Google has also confirmed that the top Android phone, Motorola’s Droid, will get Froyo as well.

No timeline has been set up for when other devices will get the final version of Android 2.2, but given that it’s now official, it should only take a few weeks.