Humans: The Next Great Genre Show?

These days you might be hearing about “singularity,” or the moment where humans and machines will come together. The show Humans deals with this, and the reviews are very promising so far.

Debuting on AMC on June 28, The Wrap felt the show “deftly tinkers with race, sex and technology…Humans is a winning concept executed in the best possible way.” (It should be noted that Humans was going to be a show from Xbox Entertainment Studio before the company went under.)

While the Hollywood Reporter notes that the concept of Humans isn’t exactly new, “sci-fi is certainly a genre that recycles concepts. The intrigue lies in the execution and the re-imagining of them. Humans finds a way to bring intrigue to a very familiar concept.”

Variety thought the show was a little too familiar, that the show felt “both derivative and a trifle boring,” overall it seems the show has worked for most reviewers. Indeed, robots run amok is not a new concept, it’s how you do it, and apparently Humans is doing it well.