Top Gun 2 May Fight Drones

Just when nostalgic interest in the original Top Gun movie was coming around again, director Tony Scott tragically committed suicide. He was indeed looking into making another Top Gun film, and was even meeting with Tom Cruise about potentially starring in the second installment.

So we were a bit surprised to see the Top Gun sequel in the news again, because it had been a while since we’d heard or read anything about it at all. Much like a planned remake of Blue Thunder, apparently this time Maverick will be fighting drones.

Talk of Top Gun 2 came up again on Yahoo, when producer David Ellison, son of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, mentioned that a second Top Gun is in the works that would take place in modern day. Apparently a screenplay is being written right now, and the story will apparently include drones. Ellison is also hoping the film will be in 3D / Imax.

We’re frankly surprised that Top Gun has a strong following today after all these years. It’s going to be thirty next year, and we’re curious to see how well a sequel would do with today’s audiences. We’re also not surprised to see that David Ellison is trying to revive it, because he’s produced Terminator Genisys, and David loves to fly planes as well.