Star Wars Lego News

We all know when The Force Awakens is coming, December 18, who doesn’t know that release date, but what about the toys? There’s of course going to be a lot of toys flooding the market, and of course Star Wars Legos in the work as well.

Well the Legos for The Force Awakens are coming to stores on September 4, “Force Friday,” and Collider tells us there will be a new land speeder with 193 pieces, and a Millennium Falcon with 1332 pieces that will cost $149.99.

There will also be snowspeeders, tie-fighters and X-wings, transporters, as well as new vehicles like a “first order transporter,” and a “command shuttle.”

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what new toys will be unleashed on the world when The Force Awakens hits theaters, and this time we’re especially curious whether the toys or the movie will make more money this time. Both will make a ton of money regardless, and we’re also looking forward to seeing new generations of kids discovering and playing with their first Star Wars toys, just like we did back in the day.