Tron Light Cycle Goes For Big Bucks

One of the coolest elements of Tron, one of many, was the light cycles. The first movie made it look like so much fun to ride one, even though they were animated and weren’t real.

Now a full-blown light cycle just sold for over seventy Gs. The actual price was $77,000, and the thing looks pretty damn cool, no?

As Gizmodo tells us, this light cycle sold at a Sothebys, where a ’62 Ferrari also sold for $7.6 million. As Gizmodo tells us, you can indeed ride this light cycle, which is a replica, and Cnet tells us this vehicle was expected to come in at $40,000, but clearly one lucky fan can ride it, and just had to have it for 77 grand.

Who wouldn’t love to have a real Tron light cycle like this, and maybe some day they will actually make these that you can buy at a local dealer. Why not? Sure it ain’t cheap, but Aston Martins are hot again thanks to James Bond, they’re not cheap either, and could James Bond even get access to a vehicle as cool as a light cycle?