X-Files Officially Returning in January

The recent speculation was recently confirmed as fact, the X-Files will indeed return as a short series, six episodes. Now more details are coming in…

 As you probably know by now, the original Mulder and Scully will star, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and the new X-Files reboot will debut on January 24, 2016, and Yahoo tells us it will be a two night premiere, beginning on a Sunday, then Monday will be its regular night.

As Variety tells us, X-Files will come in after the NFL’s NFC championship game, and the network will also soon be launching their Minority Report series in the fall as well. (All this comes at an interesting time for Fox because one of their greatest successes, American Idol, is finally coming to and end after fifteen seasons.)

It’s great to see that genre TV is still going strong, and we’ll be watching to see how many old school fans will be tuning in for the return of the X-Files, as well as how many new fans could be catching on to this sci-fi classic.