Star Wars Tech Comes True

There are many scenes in Star Wars that became iconic, and that were parodied repeatedly. Just one of many was Princess Leia’s message to Obi-Wan, which was reptuedly shot on video tape to give it its trademark look.

Technology has come a long way since then, and Vanity Fair and TechCrunch now tell us that you can make similar holograms with the VoxieBox. Crunch reports this is the innovation of a company called Voxon that reportedly prints 3-D light, “thousands of times a second, thus tricking the human eye into thinking it’s seeing a 3D image, thanks to their proprietary algorithm.”

Apparently Voxon are trying to breaking into Hollywood and come up with a technology that has eluded the movies forever: real 3D without glasses. This report also tells us they’re even trying to design parts for satellites, and there’s indeed a hell of a lot you can do with this kind of technology.

Funny enough, Vanity Fair mentioned that now we’re at the point of 3D holograms, where’s the hologram. It has nothing to do with the technology Voxon has come up with, but maybe they figure that if this kind of technology is practically here, maybe the long elusive hoverboard could be just around the corner.