Game of Thrones Reaches Record High

It’s hard to call the stories of the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones ratings as news, because the real news flash would be they didn’t deliver monster ratings, but both shows continue to deliver huge ratings, and Thrones broke a new record.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s debut brought in a little under 8 million viewers, which means it brought in 1.4 million more than last years premiere, and this also makes it the most watched episode in the show’s history.

As the Reporter reminds us, Thrones became the most watched show in HBO’s history last summer, pulling in a whopping 19.1 million gross viewers every week. These numbers include DVR, HBO Go, On Demand and encore presentations. The Reporter also tells us the premiere numbers could get bigger with the launch of a new streaming system, HBO Now.

So again, we’re not surprised that the ratings are this big for Game of Thrones, but it is remarkable that the show’s ratings haven’t diminished or slipped since its debut five years ago. While nobody knows if the show will stay on top for its entire existence, it clearly shows no signs of slowing down.