Can Google Prevent Spoilers?

Unless you just don’t care, nobody wants a big movie or TV spoiled for them. Some movies completely hinge on their endings, and when there’s a great twist or surprise, unless you’re a dick, you want your friends to experience it fresh as well.

According to a report on Cinema Blend, there may be a new technology Google is putting together that can block spoilers from social media. There’s already an app called Spoiler Shield, and this is certainly interesting to us, we do have to agree with Blend that “this all seems like the most invasive way necessary to avoid spoiling things for yourself…”

The truth is a lot of fans avoid spoilers like the plague, and if a movie, TV show or book has enough goodwill from the fans, they’ll keep the secret. Don’t forget back in the days of Hitchcock there were no spoiler alerts, but he could keep a secret like nobody’s business on a movie.

Keeping a secret can also be great fun, and it was brilliantly used for the ad campaign of The Crying Game. So we think spoilers are actually fairly easy to avoid, but if you’ve got to block them out of your life completely, this app, which has been in development since 2012, could definitely come in handy.