Drones May Soon Get the Okay to Deliver For Amazon

We’ve been hearing a lot about drones in the news, and there’s been a lot of talk about Amazon using drones to deliver packages, which apparently is going to happen one of these days.

As Gizmag reports, “the regulatory wheels are beginning to turn” for this to happen, and the FAA is clearing the way for Amazon to test drones for delivery. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, had been talking about drones potentially making deliveries back in late 2013, but this can’t happen right away until there’s enough testing done to make sure the company gets their “experimental airworthiness certificate.”

This article tell us the drones have to fly at 400 feet or lower during the day, and they must be in the line-of-site of the pilot, who has to have a pilot certificate, as well as a medical certificate as well. (Hey, you think they’re gonna just let any average schmo have a drone flying deliveries around? Well, maybe if we get to the point where they’re delivering pizzas…)

So this is a fascinating development that we don’t think will happen tomorrow, but we’re looking forward to one day watching the skies for our Amazon deliveries to arrive.