Jennifer Lawrence to Leave X-Men

Even though it doesn’t require the greatest acting skills in the world, we were glad when Jennifer Lawrence took over the X-Men role of Mystique from Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. She’s hung in with the role after she became the hottest star in Hollywood, but now she’s officially going to leave the franchise.

The next one in the series will be X-Men Apocalypse, and Lawrence said, simply, that it will be the last one she’s doing.

There’s plenty more X-Men and women in the ensemble, so another person playing Mystique may not be the worst thing in the world. And you have the feeling Lawrence, like a lot of A-list stars, doesn’t want to get caught in the same franchises for the rest of her life.

This announcement comes at the same time that Hunger Games is finally wrapping up, and again, it’s smart for actors to move away from being stuck in the same movies for the rest of their lives, which makes Lawrence ahead of the game in this regard. Then again, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her coming back to the world of geek now and again, because we at TG have always believed that every serious actor wants to geek out and do a comic book movie every now and again.